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New Seisco Tankless Water Heaters Help Owners Meet New US Regulations

By David Seitz, Seisco

William Hines, DuPont

Seisco International is introducing the next generation of tankless electric water heaters. These Supercharger units, which use DuPont Performance Polymers in several components, are uniquely able to provide cost-effective solutions to updates to the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) that took effect in April.

The single-chamber Seisco models can be used as a back-up for both new and existing hot water storage tanks in single-family homes. It has heating capabilities up to 14kW for use with “preheated” water that have never before been available in a single chamber tankless unit. When used with a storage tank, it only turns on when the tank cannot keep up and then only uses the actual power necessary to deliver the needed hot water. The two chamber units have ratings up to 24kW and can completely replace tanks in multi-family housing units.

The new National Appliance Energy Conservation Act standards means tank water heaters sold today will be larger and more expensive. If a single family home needs a tank size of 55 gal or more, the efficiency requirements require an expensive electric heat pump or a condensing gas model. As an alternative, a plumber can combine a Seisco Supercharger with a new 40 gal tank unit and the homeowner gets performance similar to that of a 60-80 gal tank unit. The total costs to install are comparable and the use of the Supercharger with the smaller tank saves energy by reducing the amount of water in storage being heated 24 hours per day.

The compact size of the Supercharger allows it to be installed closer to use points, thus reducing the long distances that water flows through cold pipes, before the user receives hot water. That wait can now take minutes, which wastes thousands of gallons of water per year and countless BTUs of energy.

Seisco’s introduction of its new line of “Multifamily water heaters” allows building owners to eliminate storage tanks in each unit altogether. The two chamber models are combined with Seisco’ s patented exclusive “Load Shedding” control that has over 15 years of proven experience. It is the only electric tankless that can be properly sized for multifamily projects, and does not require the expense of increased electrical service.

The new tankless water heaters feature an internal heating chamber, which is injection molded of DuPont™ Zytel® nylon for high heat resistance, thermal stability and compliance with NSF and UL requirements. DuPont™ Crastin® PBT thermoplastic polyester delivers impact resistance and compliance with UL flammability requirements in a one-piece protective exterior housing.

The advanced microprocessor control turns the power on through a set of relays and turns the power off when flow stops. The water heater’s patented mixing chamber provides a small amount of ready heated water after first use and prevents scalding. The most advanced feature is the patented “Power Sharing” technology which provides evenly distributed power to the heating elements. This in turn, helps eliminate scalding potential, scaling, and sediment build-up. Also, the control logic allows the power level to vary which is beneficial in minimizing the use of power for periods of less demanding usage.

Seisco also manufactures a complete line of whole house tankless products as replacements for tank-style water heaters. Seisco’s products are distributed and sold through manufacturers’ representatives throughout the U.S. Seisco products and are available at major plumbing supply companies.

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