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AET Solar uses Seisco for Endless Hot Water

AET Solar Thermal installation in the NEXTGEN Demonstration home at the International Builders Show.

Where’s the Other Half of the House? Attendees at the 2015 IBS + KBIS industry event in Las Vegas, January 20 to January 22, may wonder where to find the other half of the NGHTV’s Showcase Home. The answer is in Phoenix, the city hosting Super Bowl XLIX, awaiting the return of the IBS half, where the two halves will be showcased in association with Rebuilding Together’s 20th Anniversary as a Super Bowl Sanctioned Event partner. The completed home will be donated through the co-operation of, our builder partners Champion Homes and US Modular Inc. plus all of our product partners to Rebuilding Together, who will donate the furnished home to a veteran in the greater Phoenix area.

See Ty Pennington episode featuring AET Solar and the Seisco Tankless on and select Episode 24 -AET Solar

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