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Point of Use Models

Commercial/Industrial: single/multiple lavatory, modular buildings, tenant spaces, handset showers, and emergency eye wash fountains. Residential: bathroom, kitchen, bar, utility sinks, low flow showers.

Mini-Tank Models

The Mini Tank is designed to connect to a hot or cold water line at the point of use where only 110/120V power is available.  It is compact and easy to install on the floor or with the included mounting bracket.  T&P valve is included. 

CA Models (1 & 3 Phase)

Ideal as alternative to traditional tank type water heater or for use as a supplement to renewable energy systems including solar and geothermal. For extreme requirements multiple units can be installed in parallel or unit can be connected to outlet of standard tank water heater to provide continuous hot water after peak requirement is met. Compact size, requires no venting, can be mounted closer to point of use to save wait and water.


Hybrid solutions with Solar, Heat Pump and Geothermal are the most energy efficient.  By removing the resistance elements from the tank and using tankless electric models to heat only the incremental water used, maximum energy can be captured from the environment and the absolute minimum electricity will be used.  In new construction, multiple Supercharger units can be strategically located to save energy AND water by reducing the wait for hot water.  The small increase in energy for this initial pre-heat will be more than offset by the savings in water and increased convenience.

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