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Hydronic Heating

This is the mechanical room of a GeoThermal Installation in northwest Iowa.  Sibley Sheet Metal of Sibley, Iowa was the installer.  This system uses a hydronic geothermal heat pump and a Seisco SH hydronic heat source.  The heat pump uses the earth loops on the right to make hot water or cold water for the buffer tank (left) to either heat or cool the house. This home is cooled by flowing chilled water from the buffer tank on the right to the fan coil on the left and the cold air is then distributed through duct work.  The main floor and garage are heated by radiant floor heat.  When the thermostats call for heat, a pump turns on delivering warm water, heating the floors. 

Ideal for use in residential and commercial applications for hydronic space heating and potable water heating.  Suited for radiant floor heating, baseboard, hydro-heat pump and snow melting systems. With optional equipment, it can be used as a single heat source in combination systems for potable hot water and radiant heating. Designed as whole house alternatives to traditional tank type water heaters or for use as supplements to renewable energy systems including solar and geothermal.

Geothermal Installation

Mechanical Room of a Hydronic system in Kerrville Texas powered by an SH-28.  Uses a Taco zone controller to heat multiple hydronic zones as the sole heat source in this Texas Hill Country home.

Hydronic Installation

Typical Hydronic Installation

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