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Every Presenter will need the full instructions and the Complete Course Package (zip link included below) – as all materials are required to present.

*NOTE: This information is not for general distribution as presenters should be carefully selected based on qualifications and experience with the subject matter. Only you, the Presenter Point of Contact hold the rights of distribution*


1. View the course download instructions at:


2. Download the course files per those instructions at:


3. Watch the training video at:


4. Follow all Instructions provided in the 0 – Presenter_Instructions.pdf (included in the downloaded file)


5. Remember:

  • These materials are not for general distribution. The Presenter Point-of-Contact maintains exclusive distribution rights.  Your Presenter Point-of-Contact: David Seitz CEO Seisco International 241 West Airtex Houston, TX 77090 888-296-9293 832-515-3204 

  • You must complete and return the Quality Commitment Statement prior to your first presentation.

  • For each presentation you will need to fill out a new Course Attendance with every participant’s name, AIA member number (if applicable) and email. 

  • Once you present a course – it is mandatory that you submit the Course Attendance to InfoSpec, Inc . online within 48 hours

  • This can be done online, 24/7 at

  • ALWAYS double check all information in your course attendance prior to submitting to InfoSpec, Inc.

  • Once attendance is submitted – it is processed immediately and is therefore difficult to change. (major attendance submittal errors may incur a processing fee to the course sponsor) 

  • Only Course Attendance properly submitted to InfoSpec, Inc. via their online service will be accounted for.


6. Your username and password for submitting Course Attendance online:

Username: seisco

Password: tankless

Please note: the InfoSpec online system is case sensitive (all information should be entered as it appears)


7. Using Terminology and Proper Promotion of Your Course·

  • All courses are registered with the AIA. (not accredited or certified)·

  • Credit for the course is stated as a LU (Learning Unit) or CE Hour (Continuing Education Hour)·

  • InfoSpec, Inc. is the Education Provider.·

  • Seisco is the Course Sponsor.·

  • The AIA Form B is now referred to as Course Attendance.· Presenters are neither “Certified” nor “Approved” by AIA. Presenters are to be represented solely as the Course Presenter. They can introduce themselves as the “subject matter expert”.


Should you have questions on any of the submittal steps above, please contact Carol Davis at 210-408-6700 BEFORE submitting your Course Attendance online to InfoSpec, Inc.

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