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APPLICATIONS: Ideal as alternative to traditional tank type water heater or for use as a supplement to renewable energy systems including solar and geothermal. For extreme requirements multiple units can be installed in parallel or unit can be connected to outlet of standard tank water heater to provide continuous hot water after peak requirement is met. Compact size, requires no venting, can be mounted closer to point of use to save wait and water.  Protect from rain and freezing.



  • Digital microprocessor control provides precise temperature and flow control without flicker or other power quality issues

  • UL 499 Listed for Water Heating Applications

  • Activates at less than 0.30 GPM

  • Standard ¾"NPT plumbing connections with no flow restrictions

  • Saves energy and water

  • Activates only on demand

  • Compatible with all plumbing designs including recirculating, tubing and manifold systems

  • Water level detect–No more heating element burnout

  • Uses standard field-­‐replaceable immersion heating elements

  • Self-­‐diagnostics including leak detection shut‐down

  • High performance DuPont™Zytel® nylon chamber material

  • Rugged DuPont™ Crastin®PBT polyester case

  • Rust & corrosion resistant

  • UL Classified in accordance with NSF/ANSI 372 to meet or exceed all current lead in drinking water requirements

  • Ten Year Limited Warranty (See written warranty for complete details)

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Single Phase Models:







Three Phase Models:




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